About Us

Icefall Productions is a government registered film Production Company in Kathmandu. It was established in 2007 by Ram Krishna Pokharel; a graduate from a film college affiliated with the Tribhuvan University. Since then, we have been producing short films and documentaries. Recently we have also started to look into a few interesting feature projects. Icefall Productions is fully equipped with cutting edge High Definition technology. We are proud to have Panasonic, Azden and Apple as our production partners. All of our equipments for production and post production are from those companies.

Icefall Productions has a good team of film professionals working with us. Besides producing Nepali films, we also handle filming logistics for international film crews from around the world. We have worked with international distributors Universal Pictures and Longtale Entertainment as well as international broadcasters National Geographic, BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery Channel for most of their filming projects in Nepal.

Mission Statement

Being a film production company the main mission of Icefall Productions is to promote and develop the Nepali films and Nepali film industry in its greatest height. It has been working for the promotion and development of Nepali feature films, short films and documentaries. It has been participating in various film festivals and supporting filming activities in Nepal. It has an aim to promote Nepal as a filming destination. It is also trying to create good relationships with international film production companies and broadcasters to help promote and uplift Nepali film industry and its activities.

The company is mainly established to create a revolution in Nepali film industry to develop and promote its standard to be able to produce quality films. It is also established to reduce the gap of quality we can find in the films made in developed film industry and Nepali film industry. Icefall productions has been working with various international film production companies for filming in Nepal as we are trying to get more and more film crews to come and film in Nepal which will be beneficial for the country as well as film professionals in Nepal.

Production Partners

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